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Live Content Marketing Best Practices

You know live content has begun to take full steam when it appears in your Facebook mobile application. It’s funny to think that we can now look at UI/UX implementation with industry-leading applications as a precursor to content deployment, but such is the case with this phenomenon. Live content is not anything new. We’ve enjoyed it for ages, from storytellers to playwrights, from the radio to the television.


Can Media's Evolution Destroy Your Current Business Model?

What do you do when your social media audience as effectively changed the consumerization of your previous business model?

So I started my day by reading an article regarding generation Y and its single-handed responsibility for the destruction of the music industry. Now I do not intend to give you a summation of the article as I will not steal its thunder. You should read it.

Tapping Into The Psychology of B2B Social Media Engagement

There is a popular misconception that social media is only beneficial in a B2C environment. Nothing could be further from the truth, and I'm going to explain why. Let’s start by examining how most people perceive social media being used in a consumer-related capacity:

Conference 101: Give the People What They Want

You’re producing an upcoming conference, and you have a thousand items on the to-do list. Layer on top of that a budget and needs assessment to go along with the thousand tasks. Reality check: You need to sacrifice a few darlings on your list. Prioritize based on the wants and desires of people attending the event. Your main concern should be the owners of the butts that occupy all those folding chairs. They even supersede your the wants and desires of sponsors. This little detail often seems to escape the novice event producer.