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Personal Branding Is More Than You

I met the wonder Sunshine Baker a few years ago when I was doing a presentation for Jim Hobart's advertising class on personal branding. Ironic that years later I would be interviewed for her efforts at the University of Central Florida regarding the same topic.

Well before any of these presentations was even a concept, I was a firm believer and personal branding and I still am. For those of you with an aggressive entrepreneurial spirit, a robust story to tell or simply an infectious way to educate and fill people with positive energy I highly recommend that you establish your own brand. It's the only thing you REALLY get to take with you throughout your career.

If you take nothing away from this presentation I would like you to learn one thing, remember just because you have a personal brand you still need goals and objectives to pair with your core values.

Think of the brand of "you" and some of the same parameters as you would a business:

  • What do you sell?
  • Who are your competitors
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Would you perceive your growth plan to be for your brand?
  • What are the tangible byproducts of your brand? are they worth your audiences attention/allegiance?
  • What is the essence of the brand of you?

Thanks again sunshine you will always live up to your name! For more videos in the series from Sunshine Baker and UCF please click this link.

Social Media Crisis Management

Take a look at a recent webinar I just did with Starmark. One of the many responsibilities that I have with our agency is that of (hopefully) a thought leader. Additionally we aggressively write what we call "eTIPS" every week and I highly recommend that you subscribe to them. While these tips are directed at digital marketing professionals, I think most business owners will get something from the intelligence. We give a ton a great content away. That being said, enjoy the presentation:

The Cancer Of Becoming A Social Media Celebrity

So yesterday I attended Dan Zarrella's "The Science Of Social Media" that promised just-released secrets to the ways of social media. So I bite. First, things first before I go on a rant about the collapse of the this man's social empire. Dan Zarrella is/was a great mind. He has incredible insight with valuable metrics and information about twitter and Facebook users, and a myriad of other topics. I've quoted him in conversation, I pushed his relationship with Hubspot's services. I still look at Hubspot as a sound leader in the industry with a WEALTH of information that they freely give away. To that I say Hubspot is top-notch – at least at the time of this post. What tomorrow brings remains to be seen.

Webinar: Best Practices In Web Design

Join Starmark for my webinar next week: "Best Practices of Web Site Design" Webinar March 9th, 11 - 12:00PM EST [Register Now].

Starmark's "Best Practices In Web Design" webinar can help your business understand the best ways to prepare, design and deploy your next website. There's a vast array of complexities in today's modern website design. Be sure to find out all the secrets, pitfalls and solutions in this must-see course!

I would also advise this course for businesses researching digital firms for their website services. There are a ton of solutions out there and I hope this material allows you to better determine where your money is best spent and on what, or whom.

This webinar to be clear is not going to be a how-to be a website designer, this course will be much broader than that. Think of this program as an foundational framework that your business must have in place as it prepares the next generation of its online marketing. Your website is THE hub of your social graph and the key directive to all your integrated messaging.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the webinar pre or post presentation! Share this link with the tools below if you think this free program could help out a business or professional you know! Talk to you soon!

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