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Take Small Steps With “Big Data”

I was incredibly fortunate to participate as a VIP blogger at the recent Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2012. The event was a virtual Who's Who of social media, business, technology, distribution and enterprise experts at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin resort in Orlando Florida.

Non-linear Routes of Contemporary Campaigns

WARNING! - If you don't live in the haus of marketing I'd respectfully advise you skip this post because it will bore you to tears. Ahhhh, guilt free. Remember that thing you keep talking about in meetings but you never do? No – I’m not talking about doing more cardio. Although that’s not a bad idea.

Learning From History: 20 Years Of Mistakes

There's no chronological order to the countless mistakes that I've made over the last twenty years, nor I'm sure the same will be said for the next twenty years. Many of you will look at this list and laugh and think "what a fool." Others of you know that this industry, having been building site since 1994, had no rules, no manuals, no "best practice," just a lot of us 'winging it' and hoping we would make something great.
Posted on August 2, 2011 and filed under Business, Management, Process, Soapbox.