There are bloggers, and there are professionals that blog.

The marketing world is overflowing with caffeine – fueled idea monsters ready to pitch their concept about “taking you to the next level." But occasionally you meet someone different. You feel an immediate connection. Maybe you can’t put your finger on what is so special about the person – but you know you MUST work together.

That’s how people feel when they meet Justice Mitchell. Advertisers sense that he intuitively understands their vision. They can tell he “gets it.”

Justice draws from an infinite supply of ideas to create “a-ha” moments and build buzz around brands. By merging his natural talents as a storyteller, trend-hunter and social animal, Justice creates captivating integrated marketing campaigns. Then he drives them to completion with continuous refinement.

As a hardworking, blue-collar kid practicing his craft in a white-collar world, Justice carries a toolbox loaded with an array of traditional and cutting-edge marketing techniques. His fertile, creative mind generates experiential, guerilla concepts that pound a forged-steel wedge between you and the competition.

In addition, he plays a rad air guitar to classic AC/DC and Judas Priest.

“Justice has that rare combination of brilliant creative vision, the ability to digest a project’s needs, and the charm needed to pull a team together productively.”

- JD Ashcraft, General Manager, GMD Studios

When Justice rolls up on a skateboard, and he’s wearing jeans and a black T-shirt over his ink – you might think he’s a bit quirky for a marketing professional.

But that’s the whole point! You wouldn’t want anything less from the person responsible for your campaign. Quirk is an essential ingredient in the stew.

However, quirky does not equate to flaky in this case. Major, national advertisers trust Justice with their budgets because he has both feet planted firmly on the ground. He is a realist with the desire to aesthetically express and fiscally impress.

“Working with Justice has always proved to be a very inspirational process. His skill and expertise are surpassed only by his drive to create and implement great ideas. Justice is passionate about what he does, and inspires others to feel the same.”

- Christopher Loccisano, Senior Art Director, Wunderman

Justice thrives within all agency environments. He can conceptualize independently or with teams – which blossom under his leadership and direction. 

In the “yadda, yadda, yadda” category, this marketing rock star is a captivating, grab-you-by-the-throat public speaker, blogger and author with an international platform. He also is an award-winning photographer, social-media strategist, and an active user of the latest social technologies. Justice has a record of high team productivity, and a mile-long list of satisfied, repeat clients, including Sea World, Wynn Resorts, Audi, Bayer Advanced and Little Debbie..

And to be fair – he’s not afraid of a little caffeine.