The following is a top-down array of ways we can play in the same sandbox together:

Selling advertising or creating sponsorships on my blog never made sense to me. I always thought that sort of revenue stream was reserved for people with published books and great big offices full of glass and gleaming steel. Not the likes of me as I sit here battling the cats for desk space in my home office.

[They always win]

This idea only occurred to me after years of hearing from people both in and out of my immediate industry that my content provides real value to not only decision-makers, but the folks in the trenches just like me. My true-to-reality content comes from experience, not regurgitation of material I find online. Therefore, the content I create is both actionable and allows for interpretation depending on my clients needs.

In the end, it makes sense to create sponsorships on my site and brand partnerships within my content. Ultimately, it all benefits my clients. True to form, if you are here just to place an ad that provides no real value to my audience, I would advocate that you seek another destination.

Externally to the list of services I provide, please contact me for speaking, training or individual consulting opportunities with your company, client or brand at any time. I cannot thank you enough for seeing the value in my experience, and will bleed to create positive outcomes for your future.

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