The Swiss Army Knife in my branding is a visual metaphor for the diverse skills I bring to the party through my company Big Block Studios. That’s why I take a different approach when people ask, “How can we work together?” Cause' I'm a world-class thinker-upper.

What I do (but not limited to) is:

  • Creative Direction — First and foremost I'm an artist. I want to design and lead teams to epic client results. From bread and butter campaigns, to experiential "do you think they really have the budget for this?" I like to play! 
  • Live Activation — Big Block Studios Events applies creative inbound marketing techniques to activate live events. We engage your audience before, during, and after the event with relevant visual and written content – much of it created in real time.
  • Social Media/Business — I can strategize it, design it and run it; or build up a plan and train your staff to do the same. We'll get your customer engagement where it HAS to be.
  • Advertising — Pre, during & post — a complete campaign vision.
  • Brand Development — Yes, I can design your whole architecture.
  • Graphic Design — From print to products, even tchotchkes.
  • Integrated Marketing — Concepts, campaign plans, product launches, training and team development.
  • Speaking, Training & Conceptualizing — In-house or online, I will create materials and train your team on social media, social business, social crisis management, content marketing, marketing, campaign architecture, analytics and deployment. You name, I've done it. More than once.
  • Content Development — I can serve as your boots on the ground at a live event and fill social channels with integrated messaging. Or I can provide ongoing content to elevate your brand past your competitors.
  • Photography — I am an experienced commercial photographer with the chops and gear to make you and your products look awesome.
  • Website, Mobile & Tablet Design — I can manage site development projects from the information architecture concept, to UX/UI design, and all the way to the PSDs. This is where it all comes together.
  • Creative Talent Recruiter — Companies call on me to find the the perfect consultant, freelancer or new employee.
  • Social, Online, UI/UX & Competitive Analysis — You want me to tell you what works and what's broken? Who's your real competition and who's blowing smoke? I can do that. 
  • Make something up — If I can't do myself, I will build the world's finest team and lead it for you.

My question is, “What do you want to accomplish?”

Through more than two decades of creating artwork, websites, mobile apps, blogs, books, flowcharts, user-interfaces, strategies, new business decks, presentations, ad campaigns, logos and brands – I’ve always learned by doing. My education never stops. Valuable lessons come from both successes and failures. 

I'm grateful every day that I can offer my services to so many wonderful clients and partners.

So what do you want to accomplish? If it fits into any of the following categories, I can help you. And if it doesn't fit into any of the following categories, I can still help you. I have a vast network of creative professionals and co-conspirators to call on when necessary.

Everything is outlined in a contractual proposal with milestones and expectations to ensure that we establish a relationship built on clear goals, not amorphous hopes.

*Travel and third party expenses are passed on to the client at cost.