Just got back from meeting with a client who has a very interesting service driven website. There seems to be a disconnect on what is the best process for starting a website. First, the rules have changed. The current preoccupation with social media has over shadowed the need to make sure your advertising is properly delivering its message. It's Nano-Darwinism and it happens too fast we over look the fundamental development processes.

Not to get too "creepy, pantsless, drunk, uncle at the family reunion" on you, but the website is story as well. All the other things that you do...television, print, outdoor, online and social media are still fish hooks hoping to draw you ever closer to what you have in your reservoir. With that said, nothing sucks more than having a great campaign lead you to a crap website – it's like movie trailers. Half of the time you don't even see the clips you saw from the trailer. "BUT WHERE'S THE PORN STAR WITH THE BAZOOKA!?" This is where brand management comes into play. You're so far out in left field in your thinking that by the time you pay it off the concept looks like road kill.

Posted on May 12, 2009 and filed under Interactive.