I want my DTV

Bound by capitalistic obsession to turn anything into another up charge, your current most mobile providers MUST charge for television to your phone. Right? While yes, being a money grubbing whore myself I understand this practice. I'm also a firm (where?) believer in standardization. As long as I've been working on the interactive space none of the browsers, email applications, or countless other 'compliant' items have been standardized. And while I'm sounding a little like a Commie at the same time for wanting this, there's plenty of other ways to push your product to the forefront while having some baseline compliancy.

http://www.openmobilevideo.com/ There are countless reasons why this is important for the advertising industry. One primarily being a new media channel to buy against. Secondarily, rethinking the way that we advertise to that space and make it effective. And lastly, discovering what will be the new-media tolerance and interactivity that can be lead by this medium.

Look, I don't have my jet pack. I'm getting closer to seeing who I'm talking to on my phone. I don't have space food pellets, laser guns or countless latex adorned army girls, so I'm thinking TV on my phone will have to do – for now.

Posted on May 13, 2009 .