What Was "Most Contagious" About 2011?

Hi. My name is Justice, and I'm FOMO. This means I have a "fear of missing out." 

This affliction causes me to be “cool hunting” at all times as I try to stay on top of what's breaking in creativity. Think of it like petting the cat in “Dune” to get the serum that will maintain my life. Stupid.

Dear Lord, did I really just type that?

Terrible analogy aside, when journalists and trend-watchers take the time to document and analyze the current and upcoming goodness in ideas and technology, it's like finding a C-note on the ground. First surprise. Then anticipation. Then greed as you think about what you will do with your newfound luck!

Contagious Magazine is just that. The C-Note of trends spotting. The magazine describes itself as, “… the global marketing industry's early warning system; an intelligence service for those wanting to keep ahead of this constantly shifting landscape.”

It is also wicked expensive – and worth it if you can convince your CFO that having your finger on the pulse of coolness is worth the expense.

But just like Christmas, once a year they give us this nugget of cool in retrospect. And this, my friend, you should take the time to review. It gives sound insight about the year to come.

Oh, and did I mention they give this to us for free? Silly rabbit.

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