Webinar: Best Practices In Web Design

Join Starmark for my webinar next week: "Best Practices of Web Site Design" Webinar March 9th, 11 - 12:00PM EST [Register Now].

Starmark's "Best Practices In Web Design" webinar can help your business understand the best ways to prepare, design and deploy your next website. There's a vast array of complexities in today's modern website design. Be sure to find out all the secrets, pitfalls and solutions in this must-see course!

I would also advise this course for businesses researching digital firms for their website services. There are a ton of solutions out there and I hope this material allows you to better determine where your money is best spent and on what, or whom.

This webinar to be clear is not going to be a how-to be a website designer, this course will be much broader than that. Think of this program as an foundational framework that your business must have in place as it prepares the next generation of its online marketing. Your website is THE hub of your social graph and the key directive to all your integrated messaging.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the webinar pre or post presentation! Share this link with the tools below if you think this free program could help out a business or professional you know! Talk to you soon!

Posted on March 4, 2011 and filed under Business, Education, Strategy, Webinar.