A Message To The Future Of Professional Blog Content

Starting something new is always exciting. Especially when it is something that you've built up from an idea and is just something you want to do. It has no client,  no budget and no timeline,  just passion. A while ago I wrote a post about why it  seems that only people whoring up a book get credibility. This lead me to literally hundreds of credible conversations with professionals within my discipline. And where it netted out was simpler than I thought - or perhaps far more complex (dependent upon your viewpoint).

  • Yes, books have credibility, but ebooks and large content sites are starting to hold [real] attention and credibility. The power of real-time thought is becoming a commodity.
  • There's more credibility within a group of professionals than simply claiming to be the king of the mountain. The kings are very well known yes; known as douche-bags.
  • People don't want blogs that just ramble about nothing. Which in hinsight might be why I have such little traffic to this site :) The business world is fed-up with blogs of personalities. They want "actionable content." I'm not in therapy, just sitting around trying to figure it out for myself, TELL ME WHAT TO DO!
  • Solve real problems. This seems simple right? It's not. Bloggers answer 'perceived questions.' We ride trends to capture audience attention. We look at what's topical and try to spin content out of it so we look smart. But what people really want is answers, not a pitch, not self glorification.
  • Professionals want strategies, manuals, resources and answers for potential success.
  • Podcasts, templates, webinars, screen-casts and graphics – give me a reason to print them out, show my boss and make me look smart.
  • People want weapons and plans, not theory and motivational speeches.

That's what we intend to give you all. Stay tuned.

Posted on May 17, 2011 and filed under Blogging, Brand, Content.