"Social Business" - The Social Media Evolution

I've done a great deal of preaching about the term social business over the past couple years. Why this term is so important, and businesses need to understand it, is that it far surpasses the 101 of social media engagement. So most of you have been beaten over the head with the "don't use social media to sell", and while that is true, it's even more important for you to empower yourself with the tools at your disposal and exploit them  to the fullest. This means (in my mind) that you must seek out new models of which surpass their original intent.

The following presentation was also constructed specifically for the Florida Vacation  Rental Managers Association.  The production and presentation of which was the keynote address to the conference for 2013. While some of the language is specifically driven towards this industry I believe the deck as a whole can benefit any business. I hope you enjoy look forward to your feedback.

Posted on May 8, 2013 .