The Art of Social Motion: An Introduction

Do you feel the connection?

I damn sure do.

We’re part of an interconnected web of social media, content and integrated marketing professionals. However, many of us till operate in a vacuum and don’t engage enough with our brothers and sisters. In an ongoing effort to help us all grow - I want to develop a stream of consciousness with you that is not bound by a particular subject.


Therefore, I will publish a series of posts called "The Art of Social Motion,” in which we examine trends, techniques, and Q&A. Think of this more as theoretical than tactical. We will cover REAL issues but perhaps prognosticate their effect or interconnectivity to one another.

Very much social media 303.

You are in the driver’s seat for this project. What topics need attention? Which stones do we need to turn over?

Your input goes here:

I'm here to serve.

Addendum: I'm also seeking social media and marketing professional to extend advance tactics and thinking within the confines of "The Art of Social Motion." Please contact me if you wish to be a guest author on this website. Thank you.