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No Mr. Bond! I expect you to DIE!!!

Remember the game Master Mind? With the James Bond villain on the box cover and his slave-like Asian... uh, assistant? Well MasterMind Networking Group of Central Florida is nothing like that – shame.

Nevertheless, an amazing array of talent is collecting in this group with two directives. One, professional networking with an array of different business groups with varying skill sets. Two, utilizing this eclectic talent pool to discuss questions/challenges pertaining to their business. Check out my point eighth point in "DIY Creative Culture In Ten Earnest Steps" and this group sums it up quite nicely.

Tuesday June 30, at 6PM

Come to Sip in Orlando next Tuesday June 30, at 6pm.
Mastermind Networking Group Meeting.
Bring Your Own Brain!

Posted on June 30, 2009 and filed under Management.