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The Art of the Reel

I'm in the equivalent of cutting room floor hell. What should stay and what should go? With over 15 years of interactive, print, video, social media and a myriad of business cards (some mine...some I've designed), it's hard to focus on what the best representation of my work is.

I'm an avid fan of eclectic portfolios. Someone that can show me they have their own style and then can attach themselves to a new look like a remora are the one's that impress me the most. Show me art, show me photos, show me how you think. People forget that there's a foundation to design, core principles that make and break a layout – line, color, font, weight tonality. How to light a scene. How to compose a shot. But I digress. Looking back on this, I'm more critical of my reel than ever before.

Spring Cleaning 2009

Updating your portfolio site is like digging in the garage. There's a ton of stuff that you forgot you had and when you see it you remember why it escapes your memory. Conversley, there's a few boxes that have these beautiful gems in them. There's always some crazy story attached to the work like "the dude had two GIANT German Shepards in his office!" One that felt content with nuzzleing the business durning my pitch no less. That was Steve Wynn and that was totally – true.

Well, let's see what we have, shall we?

Posted on May 11, 2009 .