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HUGE, like something very gigantic.

I have a number of reasons that I'm addicted to the internet and all its social tenticles. First, and foremost, is the web is a haven for insanely bad content. No, it's not always pornographic content. Though admitted during this trailer you will be expecting someone awkward soft-core edit. There are so many little gems to choose from it could be a full-time passion that would never end.

Very few of you will remember the television show SeaQuest DSV. However, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus – potentially brillant work reminds me of that time. SeaQuest was filmed on the back lot of Orlando's very own Universal Studios. I worked on set in the AV playback department learning that Micheal "Jester" Ironside is a totally awesome guy, and that Roy "Don't tease him about Jaws or he'll go mental on you in front of everone at the craft services table" Scheider is a washed-up douche bag, God rest his soul.