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Marketing Essentials Every Podcaster Should Know

Starting a podcast is fun, exciting and bit daunting at times as you wade through all the education on the “How To’s.” The not-so-fun part of it is the marketing portion as to how actually grow your audience base. Here’s a presentation I recently did on behalf of Magruder Laser Vision regarding both and marketing your podcast in general.

Posted on November 7, 2018 and filed under Blogging, Business, Process.

Tapping Into Your Employee's Social Graph

One of the countless things that internal marketing departments frequently overlook is their own staff's social graph. More often than not, every company has staffers with active social media footprints. Brands need to understand that no matter how robust their corporate social graph is, it will only get them so far.

Posted on May 27, 2014 and filed under Blogging, Business, Social Media, Strategy. - The "Blogger Outreach" Multi-Tool

What if I told you there is a social media tool that gives you the ability to comb millions of blogs in order to identify the right blogger for your outreach campaign? What if I told you the same tool allows a deep dive into your competitor’s blogs? What if I told you this tool also allows for tracking and measurement against a blog campaign or defined article?

110% Blogger Outreach – Lessons from #IBM

You wanna be one of the cool kids in the marketing lunchroom? Then you damn well better have a blogger outreach program. This is a micro-PR concept in which you research popular bloggers within the context of the client you are trying to promote. More often than not, you want to share a product or service with the blogger with the intent of getting a positive review or mention.
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