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Digital Influence Part Two: Influencial DNA

Here's an interesting article debating the likes of #EA and others regarding digital influence: - while well rounded, I must say to think that #SoMe is the (by no means) not the only measurement. Most current metrics are flawed to begin with as there's no defined standards and regulatory compliance. I practice #SoMe and don't hold nearly the stock in klout and other services as this article seems to portray. What are your thoughts?

Becoming A Brand Evangelist, My Way.

I've been in interactive, advertising and social media for nearly two decades and in that time I've learned a handful of things. One is about people, more so the people that already get your brand, product or service and are willing to evangelize it. They do this simply by using, talking and supporting its claims as 'their best in class'. A new movement in social media is rightfully sweeping across most campaigns I initiate, it's the construction of "Brand Ambassadors"...