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Non-linear Routes of Contemporary Campaigns

WARNING! - If you don't live in the haus of marketing I'd respectfully advise you skip this post because it will bore you to tears. Ahhhh, guilt free. Remember that thing you keep talking about in meetings but you never do? No – I’m not talking about doing more cardio. Although that’s not a bad idea.

The People Advertising: Levi's Case Study

Recreating/reestablishing a iconic American brand like Coca-Cola, Ford or Harley Davidson has got to be gut-wrenching for any agency. But when Razorfish was tasked with giving Levi's an injection of Americana I'm sure there was an Art Director vomiting somewhere in that building. Below is an attractive case study that ropes you into the mindset of a killer Forth of July marketing campaign to celebrate the world's blue-collar uniform.