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Ralph Lauren Trumps Mickey Mouse

I found it almost shocking that a brand with as traditional 'look and feel' as Ralph Lauren would have been this progressive in its execution. The Ralph Lauren 4D Experience, was just that.

Ralph Lauren has architecturally mapped the foundation and contours of its stores on Madison Avenue and New Bond Street, respectively, and will use light to make the buildings look as if they are being rotated, squeezed, disassembled block by block and so forth. From the spaces will emerge 3D replicas of some of the brand’s most iconic images — such as galloping polo players and four-story tall models walking invisible runways — and accessories, such as bags, belts and ties, from the current collection.

When I first saw this I kept thinking that there's no way that this is not computer generated after the fact, but it's all done with a brilliant projection system and marriage between the architecture and design. Simply beautiful!

New York


How long before this is commonplace at theme parks worldwide? I can't imagine it's not on laall the tips of their tounges. Disney has something called "streetmosphere" that is made up of ligthing, actors and music that engage audiences within the environment. This take the environment to the next level.

Posted on November 19, 2010 and filed under Advertising, Brand, Entertainment.