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The Demi-Phone Attacks With First Blood

No surprise here but Google's new phone the Nexus One has made a cooperative with Adode to run flash. While this is not a death-blow to the iPhone it's probably the catalyst they were waiting for to make the deal actually happen.

So riddle me this. Years, ago in 2008 Apple releases the SDK to the developmental masses to sink their teeth into and get the 'App Revo' started.

"On October 17, 2007, in an open letter posted to Apple's "Hot News" weblog, Steve Jobs announced that a software development kit (SDK) would be made available to third-party developers in February 2008.The SDK was released on March 6, 2008, and allows developers to make applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as test them in an "iPhone simulator". However, loading an application onto the devices is only possible after paying an iPhone Developer Program fee. Since the release of Xcode 3.1, Xcode is the development environment for the iPhone SDK. iPhone applications, like iPhone OS and Mac OS X, are written in Objective-C." ~ wikipedia

We've been waiting for flash ever since. But it occurred to me many moons ago that with application revolution spreading like wild-fire that having flash as a developmental tool could supersede to applicational progress. I know, sometimes I'm slow on the uptake. Nevertheless, my question still remains – Will Apple impede Flash for the iPhone knowing that it [might] take a significant beating in application sales? And when it will open the door for wickedly talented flash developers to exploit the marketplace? Now I'm also not so slow as to think they said flash guru won't want to get paid, but it would level the playing field to an extreme. Thoughts?

A little mobile taste of things to come:

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The "Demi-Phone" Has Arrived To Slay Satan

What we 'actually' know:

Operating System : Android 2.1
Device Name: Nexus One
Manufacturer Branding: Google
Hardware Manufacturer: HTC
Carrier Unlock: Yes
Network: GSM
Chipset: Snapdragon Processor
Launch Date: January/February 2010
Display: 3.7-inch display
High-resolution Capacitive multitouch OLED screen
Keyboard: Onscreen keyboard only
Hardware Buttons: HTC scrol ball
Size: Thinner than the iPhone 3GS
Other: 2 mics, one in the front for talking and one at the back to reduce background noise

Engaget has the best review thus far (Key Findings):

  • By all appearances, the company will have a new phone portal where buyers can pick between an unsubsidized, unlocked Nexus One for $529.99, or sign up for a two-year agreement with T-Mobile and purchase the phone for $179.99
  • Google Maps with no pinch-to-zoom
  • 5 megapixel lens and flash took sharp (iPhone 3 megapixel, no flash)

Other items of note based on buzz:

  • Open system
  • Higher Resolution 800 x 480
  • Thinner than iPhone
  • 1Ghz Processor, 512MB RAM (Almost 2x more than the iPhone GS)
  • Video recording 720×480 pixels at 20fps (iPhone is 30fps)
  • Same charger for the Nexus One works with Bluetooth headsets
  • Alphabetic list of all installed apps
  • Does not Sync your Calendar with Exchange
  • Replaceable battery
  • 10k apps vs. "one meelion"

Guy Kawaski says:

"The Nexus One is a serious challenge to the iPhone—particularly because this is version 1 of Nexus One while the iPhone has been out for years. It is the phone that Palm should have created, but that’s another story.

Right now I cannot use a Nexus One as my primary phone because it cannot sync my calendar (something my teenage son doesn’t care about), I use it all the time (without a SIM card, just as a Wi-Fi device) while my iPhone charges around the house. The day that calendar syncing works will be very interesting."

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