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Webinar 101: Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Suck it up, put on the big-girl panties and host your first webinar! You know you should produce a webinar to extend your messaging. The problem is that you are intimidated because of the technical challenges. You think putting on a webinar is a daunting, complicated integration of technology, preparation and promotion. Good! Because you are absolutely right.

Diary of a Trend Stalker: The Weapons

Where would Bruce Springsteen be without his trusty blonde Telecaster? What would Annie Leibovitz do without her camera? How could Elmer Fudd hunt Bugs Bunny without his shotgun? Whether you are a rock star, a celebrity photographer, a cartoon archenemy … or a trend hunter – you need the right weapon to get the job done. We already established that everyone is a trend hunter to some extent. But your level of success depends on the time, tenacity and tools that you bring to the table.

Part Two: Community Farmer - Attending To The Flock

Starting a community, however, is not as simple as [some] of the below software applications will make it seem. Much like teaching a room full of three year olds, all groups require rules, moderation, goals, expectations, communication, and swift respectful discipline should these aforementioned items not be observed. Most of all, be honest, transparent and inclusive to the group. No one likes a bully, least of all the person in charge. It also helps that you embrace the most active participants that align themselves with the group, its rules and communicate in what you deem as the best way be put put in administrative or moderation roles, easing the burden on you and justifying that your group is not and autocracy.

Here's a quick list:

  • Start question threads
  • Elicit feedback (remember, you don't have to act on every comment or criticism)
  • Grow a spine (you'll need it)
  • Respond to criticism rapidly (doesn't mean you have to do anything about it right away, but you do need to respond)
  • Acknowledge good communication
  • Do not judge; simply be a part of the community and intervene only if absolutely necessary
  • Don't censor or edit discussion unless harmful or it falls outside the rules
  • Follow the rules; optimize the rules
  • Cater to the egos of the group within reason
  • Destroy your bullies publicly
  • Create themes and programs for discussion
  • Listen, listen, listen. The group is not a platform for you to do all the communication
  • Make the site visually appealing by advocating user-generated content
  • Progressively survey your community (using free tools like to insure that your heading in the right direction
  • Evolve! Make sure that your content isn't stuck at a dead end
  • Hold live events where everyone can meet one another in real time
  • Create Podcasts/Stream/Video for the group
  • Bring in outside authors, bloggers and spotlights
  • Keep a steady stream of like-minded links from google alerts and RSS streams injected in your community
  • If you go on vacation, switch servers or do anything to disrupt communication let everyone know prepatorily
  • Do your best to respond to all comments
  • Be authentic, honest and charismatic
  • Be topical
  • Have fun
Posted on December 7, 2010 and filed under Interactive, Social Media, Strategy.