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Avatar Game Banners – Kinda' But Not Really

I'm always very excited to see what agencies will do for major launches like the DVD release of Avatar. So when I saw the complete ad domination on ESPN this morning I was giddy to see what they had done. The concept is simple, a little too much in my professional opinion. It gives you the ability to pan and zoom into a trailer that have 'hot spot' nodes throughout. Those hot spots by the way give you a nanosecond to click on them, and while the intent I feel to act like 'game play' it comes across like a bit of a lame old puffed up banner.

As much money as this movie's already made BEFORE DVD sales it seems to me they missed the mark on the launch. The claim that the movie is like 'nothing you've ever seen before' is in many respects true, too bad the interactive advertising agency didn't get that creative brief. Tell me your thoughts.

Posted on April 22, 2010 and filed under Advertising, Gaming, Interactive.