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Social Media Posts Can Make For A Hotbed of Testing

I hear it a lot; how do I get started with "A/B" testing? I agree that it's not as simple as diversifying your email subject line and hope to make a monumental business lift. Moreover, more and more businesses are doing their marketing internally and therefore, don't have creative agencies that might do spending against focus groups, or do preemptive testing within a crowdfunding environment. Lastly, if you are dealing with an agency or creative house, you know that it can be extremely costly to make large campaign shifts.

Enter social media posts —

One of the many things that you could do is to create a "one-off" piece of creative and run as a social media post against your primary channels. It's not to say that you will have an overabundance of success with one particular post. However, boosting/promoting posts is relatively inexpensive, can be done in a short period of time, and can render even if minimal analytical results that you contest against. You'd be suprised how often this little trick is overlooked.


The agency likes it. The agency sells it well and the client likes it. Then off it goes with minimal testing (in some cases) if any testing and you're DUMPING scads of budget against a 6-month runner and praying for results. See the nice part about social media posting is not only can you test variability against large differentiations in creative but you can then dial in one piece and test subtle teaks to the CTAs and actionable offers.

The key to doing A/B testing was social media post is not much different than anything– be consistent with each one. Don't favor any particular piece of creative and assign the same amount of money to each individual insert as its own campaign – say one week at $100.

Once you've received your analytics back after the week, start to make tweaks against a silo'd campaign (while you test another creative outside of this directive) that has variations in specific attributes of called to action and content of the offer. Each time you rotate a cycle of creative, be sure to analyze your cost-per-action (or acquisition) dependent upon your business model. From there, as you adjust your creative spend, more money can be applied to the granularity in messaging to ensure the best combination of elements is working for you.

Now when you start down the path of ramping up a budget to a larger more complex content deliverable, like OTT or influencer campaign, you can do so with the knowledge that you've done far more than passive testing to ensure success.

Here’s an examples of a couple of creative pieces from various “micro-campaigns” that we’re testing online.

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Take Small Steps With “Big Data”

I was incredibly fortunate to participate as a VIP blogger at the recent Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2012. The event was a virtual Who's Who of social media, business, technology, distribution and enterprise experts at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin resort in Orlando Florida.

Non-linear Routes of Contemporary Campaigns

WARNING! - If you don't live in the haus of marketing I'd respectfully advise you skip this post because it will bore you to tears. Ahhhh, guilt free. Remember that thing you keep talking about in meetings but you never do? No – I’m not talking about doing more cardio. Although that’s not a bad idea.

Serendipitous Website Optimization

You hear people in the interactive industry say all the time "well are you optimizing your site?" Just what does that mean for a blogger or a business? Well, let's put it into other terms, that of a car. Think of optimization as putting your prototype in the wind tunnel.

  • Are their improvements to the form that can avoid drag and make it more efficient?
  • Can you adjust tire pressure and sway controllers for better ride and handling?
  • Taking into account what you adjusted to the body of the car, how did that change the experience for the driver within the car?

All that being said, you need to progressively jab at your marketing with a stick until it does exactly what you want it to do. The double-edged sword here is simply that the entrepreneurial spirit will never let us be completely satisfied and therefor your interactive work, traffic, fan growth, brand message and customer satisfaction will be a constantly evolving process. Live by the words of Yoda when it comes to business: "Do or do not... there is no try."

So as always, I am looking to expand the traffic and reach of my social graph and get more people to view my blog. This too is tricky, as everyone is coming for a different reason. Some to learn, some to laugh, some to explore and others simply thought I might be a cute African American girl - which at this point I am not. At least not in public.

So much to my surprise was seeing a recent spike to my traffic a few days ago and I tried to put my finger on where it came from. It was something simple and therefore unexpected.

Many of you know that I'm a photographer, it is both a professional and personal passion of mine (you can find my portfolio here). And I'm a ravenously addicted Instagram photo-sharing community fan. A few days ago, I changed my first name on my profile to my URL at After such time I posted a great many shots from a recent vacation trip where I spent too much time making my wife wait while I took shots of metal textures and landscapes.

This one "tweak" made a spike. Nothing really noteworthy, though in the social media game we're all our own worst critic, especially when it comes to the work that we do for ourselves. The core point of this post is that you must continue to address and rethink the way you already use the tools you use. A screwdriver can ram a hole in a soda can as easily as it can put in screws, just don't hold the soda can at the same time - safety first.

Different thoughts on tweaking your social media:

  • Try linking to your own posts more to support your tweet messages.
  • Try video tweeting something once a day.
  • Break the mold on your blog and do a series of posts outside of your regular subject matter (still maintaining your same voice and brand directive).
  • Try working with some third-party Facebook applications to drive awareness (see: involver, wildfireapps, buddymedia).
  • Engage a new social network, try a new application or website community, or join a forum of like-minded discussions.

What other techniques have you seen help with your online traffic (outside of conventional SEO)? Give me a shout!

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