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Vivian Maier – We Only Know You Now

My Wife Shannon saw a side of me that few witness when I turned a corner in the Metropolitan Meusum Of Art in New York City and I walked into a sea of Van Gogh's work and became to cry. Now, I'm an overly sensative artistic type to begin with; but it's rare that I'm moved by visual imagery as I consumed so much of it on a daily basis. So those moments are rare indeed. So I didn't expect to get 'hit' with this kind of gut shot the day back to work from my Christmas Holiday, until I met Vivian Maier due to the tireless efforts of one John Maloof.

Chase Jarvis on Cell Phone Photography

Well known advertorial photographer (and creator of "The Best Camera" iPhone application) Chase Jarvis has done a little memorable chit-chat regarding cellphone photography and the capturing of the moment. He's also a very active blogger and Nikon/iPhone enthusiest. And because I'm a brand whore and own both, I just wanted to point that out.

Chase Jarvis iPhone photo gallery.

Posted on December 29, 2009 and filed under Mobile, Photography, Technology.