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10-Steps to help you name your Podcast?

Make sure it "has legs", meaning a concept that's flexible enough to grow and change while maintaining your messaging. People often pigeon-hole their brand right out of the gate. They find that in a year, they want to sell products too, or create a community around the idea but it's just called "The XYZ Podcast" and doesn't make much sense anymore. Therefore my recommendations would be the following:

  1. What are your goals for the show or the brand? Core values? 
  2. Are you family friendly? Who is your core demo?
  3. Ensure that you can get the URL (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) of the same name.
  4. Think about the show/brand’s “voice” through before your start
  5. Are you lead by a personality? “The Jane Doe Podcast” or are you something more open-ended?
  6. Determine your audience categories - sports, fashion, politics, opinion, etc.
  7. Is this a business model? How? Why? Who? Bigger picture, does it have modularity to grow beyond the podcast product?
  8. What are the names of other podcasts within your vertical? What do they do right? What do you they do wrong? How do you want to differentiate yourself?
  9. Once you have a name you THINK you like, create a test group of peers to kick the name around and see if it means the same thing to them as you have intended for the show. The “Red Bird” Podcast could be about bird watching, baseball or any number of things.
  10. Once you’ve decided on a name, swoop down and do a social media land grab: Get the Facebook Page; Twitter Handle; Facebook Community Group (leave it unpublished until it feels like there’s real activity going on internally); Instagram Account and any related social accounts that you think will be necessary to support the directives. 

Take time to fill your social with “LIKES” and podcast with ratings before you start REALLY pushing it out there with a real marketing effort. People are often reluctant to start with something new, fearing that it must not be good or that it might not have staying power. People take their digital time-share seriously and they don’t want to make an investment in something that they don’t feel is gaining momentum.

Have you ever started a Podcast or community that failed out of the gate?

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Social Deployment And Content Marketing are NOT the Same

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the term “content marketing.” One of them is the belief that content deployment should be carried out with same approach you would use with a traditional mixed-media campaign.

Although social deployment and content media are indeed entangled in the same marketing fabric – they are not the same thing ... [Read The Remaining Article Here]

Part One: Community Farmer - Seeds

Jacquellyn McNeill Hamalian, a dear friend of mine, asked me today:  "You know, one of the things I've tried finding is any kind of community or group for anything having to do with paralysis/spinal cord injury or anything related to it. I haven't been able to find other people aside from a few pages that have posts that are really old and not really an "active" community. Any ideas for me?"

I told her yes, I had an idea -- create one! You'd be surprised how many people will gather within a particular subject matter once there's a place to go. More often than not, many people think others don't believe that "Rock, Paper, Scissors should settle everything." Well, you'd be wrong as almost a thousand people do. The point is that just because you can't find a predetermined group out there doesn't mean that there will not be members should this group become an entity. It starts simply enough with one person that's willing to push the snowball down the hill.

This post will be a bore to some that know of social community applications. To others, it might be just the thing you've been looking for to start that one group that you haven't been able to find. Or perhaps you want to start a local group based around a common interests (such as a Church, charity or outreach program) or even an event.

I'll get into the fine art of creating and guiding conversation in some upcoming posts but for now, let's just get you started on getting a group up and running.

Here's a list of group and social community applications:

Comparison chart of many of the above mentioned products.

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