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When The Dream Becomes Our Nightmare

Well I have to say frankly it took a lot longer than I thought for some BIG money to back a webisodic project. Yes,  Heros did have it and others. But they were all predicated on a program running on mainstream television and simply a piggyback to the overall concept. Ok, to the point Simon Fuller, famed television and artistic manager for shows such as American, Canadian, Australian, Antarctican Idol and So You Think You Can Dance (dance, dance, dance...nm) has chosen Hulu as it's video platform for a completely digital saga called..."If I Can Dream."

Survey Says:

  • Perfect people bitching about how non-perfect their lives are? – Yes.
  • People you will want to strangle only seconds after they speak? – Yes.
  • So formulaic that you want to scream "BODY SNATCHERS!!!" – Yes.
  • Decent platform to kick-start a new revolution in entertainment? – God, I hope so.