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Stop Blogging: Best Practices and Witchcraft for Compelling Articles (Part 3)


Cast your final spell to seek engagement!

EXAMPLE – DIY Article on "X"

  • Compelling Title

  • Open the article with what quick summary of the article is about, how it will benefit the reader and what can be gained. Perhaps even a 'bullet list' — people LOVE lists.


This pays off the “what's in it for me?” (WIIFM) right away.

If you've lured them to keep reading, then you can begin breaking down the "why they need this" and fold them into the product, process or education you’re trying to share.

The more a reader commits to an article, the more likely they are to complete it. Now, there are some cases where this simply doesn't apply, like white papers or formal presentations.

BLOGGER TIP: Do you have a long-ass post like this? Cut it into logical segments and make it a multi-part post like I did here (this is part three of three). That way, one long post turns into more checkmarks on your content calendar then a single blog post that some might shy away from.

Last, and perhaps most importantly: Unless your content is strictly sales-oriented, do your best not to sell in blogs. The challenge is not to avoid talking about your products and services, but more naturally weave it into the conversation.

Example [BAD]: "The new BRAND camera is the best on the market and we're the best place for you to get it!"

Example [GOOD]: "The latest BRAND camera offers some of the newest features you're sure to love. We've been using this camera since we got the first one in, and we'll show you all the tips and tricks to take breathtaking images."

The first example is a bold call-to-action (CTA). This might work as an advertisement, but even then I doubt I'd use it. The second statemen:

  • Compliments the new product

  • Differentiates the product from its predecessors

  • Shows that, like you, we really LOVE photography

  • Conveys that we want to explore the item educationally, not simply sell it

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