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"Google Audio" Is Plugging In This Wednesday

It's not like I didn't see it before but it seems that Microsoft isn't the only one using Apple as their R&D department. Google seems to be on their own "embrace and extend" model to scoop up the small firms that have reasonably good thinking and see how they can all fit together. I'm not sure however that this is the best idea for Google. I'd think silent partner would be a better return, but then they wouldn't get their pretty logo on it.

They web as we know it, this week, is breaking into more and more of a finite medium. People seek out a specific interests, and then within that a sub-interest and within that they usually plant a seed as the expert deep within that chosen niche. Smart web offerings aren't coming in as the 'all for one' model anymore because frankly, companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple simply have too much fiscal control.

Back Google Audio, it seems a little strange to me that Google would enter this extremely over saturated market but who am I to say what a multi-billion dollar conglomerate should do – I mean they never call ; ) But Google

"Google will announce a new playable-music search service next Wednesday, creating a special box in search results with links to songs to stream and download, multiple sources familiar with the situation told The service — likely called Google Audio — will be powered in part with streaming music from LaLa and recommendations from iLike, the sources said."

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Death By Cyclical Music Resurrection

And the first seal broke and they said BEHOLD, and from that spat forth hair bands and all that is glam metal. Look, I'll be the first person to admit to owning, listening and even enjoying [some] hair bands from the 80's. I even worked for Crimson Glory, though I'd try convince myself that the were not exclusive to the genre. The larger question for me still lies in why can these things keep coming back like a bad STD.

Admittedly, there were a great many reasons why you would be consumed by the menace:

  • You hated everything in mainstream music at the time
  • Typically each band had one incredibly talented guitarist or drummer
  • You wanted to try to get laid by 'dirty' rocker chicks (face the truth losers)
  • You're parent where hippies and this was as anti-establishment as it got in the 80's
  • You could where bananas on your leg and not get shot for being a color in a gang
  • If you grew your hair long you could do the 'flip thing'
  • Jean jackets were simply cool

Now, don't get in my face and tell me I didn't know or understand the time. My 'uniform' was jeans, chuck tailors and a Metallica t-shirt – I had one for every day in a month, no lie! So I damn near choked on my morning coffee when iTunes served up in the "Rock" section a band called "Steel Panther." I thought it was a joke, no really. THANK GOD IT WAS! I've only listened to one thirty second snippet to know that I you can never go back. All I could see was Will Ferrell in Starsky and Hutch asking for the Angry Dragon when I saw the band photo. I GET IT! Reach out to a new generation Justice, some people really liked that niche genre of music Justice. No, it's for making fun of and listening to (while in the car with the windows rolled up) at a volume that you won't get caught.

Think back everyone what do you keep in the darkest recesses of your past? Dungeons & Dragons? Modonna lookalike outfit maybe a Michael Jackson jacket? With that said there are some things that should remain in the Arc of the Musical Covenant. Or you're more than likely going to end up like the Nazi at the end of Raiders. Good riddance.

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Something that might be worthy of the $100+ ticket.

While I cannot say that I'm the biggest U2 fan in the world, I can say that their new stage is the future of the live experience.

"The centerpiece, suspended from a massive claw, is a massive video display made of 888 individual tiny LED screens. It's seven stories tall, covers 3,800 square feet and weighs 60 tons. But it moves nonetheless, changing shape during the performance. A little bit like a Chinese finger trap, it envelops the band as it extends, while displaying short films directed by artist Catherine Owens."

The stage was designed by Hoberman Associates; Innovative Designs, which specializes in stage architecture; and Buro Happold, a structural engineering firm.

What I think makes this unique is the cross over into more of a kinetic art experience. Not simply engaging the audience with fancy lights and exhausted volume levels. Stages like this are entry way to giving an audience more than simply a musical retrospective. I believe that audiences are tired of paying too much money and not getting enough quality. Remember musicians, your concert is only as good as it is retold in story. Walt Disney wanted guests to leave the reality of one's everyday life and be transported into a new world upon visiting a park.

Here are a few more recent stage designs that I believe support the future of live venues:

Darren Hayes


Tim McGraw

Pink Floyd

2005 VGA Awards

Britney Spears

Rolling Stones

Need I say more?

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