Thoughts from my first weekend with the new iPhone...

Faster? Oh my yes! While the voice control option still seems buggy at best, it's a great entry into its usability. This video is quite cool and I naturally blasted a few beauties up onto the YouTuberoo. However, while it does not seem intuitive to turn you camera while shooting video, it's the only way to get a standard horizontal ratio. Otherwise you will get 'phone ratio':

But dig it – the mapping soars with the revised compass integration. I must say putting the mapping with "Trapster" is pretty damn tight. Not that I'm advocating breaking the law.

"Voice Memos" (while part of the new OS and not the phone) I can see as being very helpful down the road.

Hit the main menu and flip right to get the iPhone "spotlight" search – very punk rock. It's seems like this should have been a no-brainer starting from gen one, but with as much as we (I) have become more dependant on its usage it is a great tool.

Lastly, some security concerns are being addressed with MobileMe: "The ability to Remote Wipe a lost or stolen phone might also come in handy for users who have suffered a lost phone and are worried about the thief gaining access to their private data. These features work across multiple devices you configure for push messaging."

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Posted on June 22, 2009 and filed under Mobile.