Instagram - Popularity In An Instant!

I'm not sure what I find more amusing, that Flickr, Snapfish or Picasa didn't figure this out faster, or that this is such a simple and in genius way to share photos it can't help but become popular. It's always been said there are no new ideas only ideas that are made better, so has Instagram accomplished with this fun, free, social iphone application.

It's dreadfully simple. Download it, profile yourself (and it has a admirably longer listing of social networks beyond twitter and facebook, yes there are others) and start shooting. Additionally the application gives you a wonder myriad of presets filters you can instantly make your photo look like something crappy from the 70's that would have made your father bitch out the guy at the Fotomat. Yes, I said Fotomat. I still find it amusing with all the cool tools we have to make your consumer photography look like a million bucks that we're all still infatuated with the look and feel or a bygone ear.

Instagram makes it simple as you import and add friends to your social photobook and it expands with the shots from your posse. You can "Like" and comment on pics too. It's no wonder that it's flying off the charts as far as recent downloads. You can also:

  • Post as many photos as you want for free
  • Assign location information to your photo like a "checkin" (Including Foursquare)
  • View the most popular instagram photos from around the world

Give it a try, if you like it please find me and let's start shooting!

Posted on October 15, 2010 and filed under Applications, Photography, Social Media, Trends.