Distribution According To My Three Year Old Daughter

Sydney and I were playing with barrettes for her hair and after I had received and placed one securely to what little hair I have left on my bangs I was informed:

Syd: "Ok Daddy, now I get three."

Me: "Ok."

Syd: "I get whatever I want, cause I'm a Princess!"

Me: "You're Daddy's Princess but you DO NOT get whatever you want."

Syd: "Yes I do, or I do not?"

Me: "No you do not."

Syd: "Yes, or No? Am I your best friend Daddy?"

Me: "Of course you are sweetheart. Forever and ever."

Syd: "So why can't I have everything Daddy?"

Me: "Sydney we all get the things we want and need over time if we work hard for them, do as we are told and help others get the things that they want and need too."

Syd: "That's SILLY! Let's watch Dora."

Me: "No."

Syd: "Ok, we'll talk about this later. I want some Goldfish."

Posted on November 28, 2010 and filed under Parenting, People, Process.