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Distribution According To My Three Year Old Daughter

Sydney and I were playing with barrettes for her hair and after I had received and placed one securely to what little hair I have left on my bangs I was informed:

Syd: "Ok Daddy, now I get three."

Me: "Ok."

Syd: "I get whatever I want, cause I'm a Princess!"

Me: "You're Daddy's Princess but you DO NOT get whatever you want."

Syd: "Yes I do, or I do not?"

Me: "No you do not."

Syd: "Yes, or No? Am I your best friend Daddy?"

Me: "Of course you are sweetheart. Forever and ever."

Syd: "So why can't I have everything Daddy?"

Me: "Sydney we all get the things we want and need over time if we work hard for them, do as we are told and help others get the things that they want and need too."

Syd: "That's SILLY! Let's watch Dora."

Me: "No."

Syd: "Ok, we'll talk about this later. I want some Goldfish."

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Me And The Future Of My Daughter's Dating Process

Few things truly terrify me anymore. I was loner in my youth with a small circle of tight-knit friends, but was plagued by bullies and self-imposed stress. And because of said past I will never be bullied again, not in life, not in work. If you know me you'll also know a few things to be true and if you don't here goes:

  • I'm paranoid about everything, often to a fault
  • I'm overly sensitive and passionate about the care, well being and success of family and friends
  • And "my girls" - Shannon (my wife) and Sydney (my daughter) are at the center of my world
  • I'm a work-a-holic with an energetic sense of whimsy to mentor and learn from those around me
  • I'm hyper-critical of my own design process but am rarely 'married' to anything I do; a bit if a love/hate thing I guess
  • When it comes to technology I constantly feel like I'm falling behind (the reality is I'm usually 6-12 months ahead)
  • I'm scared of blank screens before I start designs
  • And there's nothing I like more than to make people laugh

With all that narcissism out of the way let me take you to a period of my life that truly terrifies me: My daughter (who is three at the time of this post) dating. Currently, the only thing that makes the idea only mildly pallettable is this video clip from the movie Bad Boys II. N-Joy.

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What my 20 month old Daughter has taught me.

  1. Cold pizza is "yucky" – I'm searching for the hammer and scythe tattoo on her body but to no avail.
  2. That "no" is a universal answer for anything.
  3. Crying without tears gets you nowhere.
  4. Would kill me in my sleep for an additional roll of "Smarties".
  5. Anything that produces water is the coolest device that minute.
  6. The word "kitty" must be said three times while running.
  7. That 24 pounds of human can create screams that peel paint.
  8. A human can survive on milk and Raviolios indefinitely.
  9. If given the strength and opportunity would carry and hide everything in the closet at one time.
  10. If her nails are not kept short can pull that finshing move with the spine from Mortal Combat.
  11. Children can and will physically beat you up without their knowledge.
  12. Can melt Daddy down in a nanosecond with 'boo-boo' lip.
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