Publishing 2.0

Since this post appeared released this list as well.

When you hear about the Apple iPad you get an earful of comments. It's just a glorified Kindle! It's one more thing that delivers content, I have a laptop. Is it really worth the money? Then the questions – Will it single handedly bring print as we know it out of the fire? Will it dominate the hand-held gaming industry? Will it be the premiere platform or will it simply die out like the Microsoft Zune? Poor sad little Zune.

We've been hearing for years that newspapers are dead, magazines are dead, print is dead! Ok, well with all this dying why is every Barnes & Noble packed with ten rows of death! Like the iPad or not, it's clear it and its tablet counterparts are going to quickly spark a publishing revolution. See the following videos and tell me if these are your Dad's magazine stack:

Like it or not, want one or not, it's clear that you've never seen the publishing (advertising, rich media, video, gaming, travel) industry so hyped for something in a long time. The iPad and the ensuing mass flood of tablets coming onto the marketplace this year might just start a new content revolution. There's a lot we don't know about what will be on the market at full launch. The much touted rumors that tablets will resurrect the comic book industry is still a hot topic. But we can confidently assume that never before has a single marketplace (like publishing) had a platform that they can take a traditional approach and turn it on it's ear. So sit back, relax and start interacting with your magazines!

Posted on March 23, 2010 and filed under Design, Interactive, Technology.