Papa... Tell Me The Future

"do you have any sites that just sit around and collect cash for you? i got an amazon aStore, but it basically just sits... doesn't do a damn thing... curious what sort of other things i can have out there that generate any sort of revenue..."

So you asking me, if I'm reading you correctly, if I have the key to the golden castle and can you have it? Trust me brother if I had sites that sit around and "collect cash for me" would I be working/driving to Celebration, FL... ever again.

Right now your best bets are (this is no particular order and is subject to change as soon as this is posted):
• Mobile Porn
• iPad/Tablet applications
• Interactive eBooks, niche magazines, and manuals
• Proximity based applications (e.i. Foursquare, Loopt & Gowalla) - but after Facebook launches there's everything but Foursquare will implode.
Accessory products supporting phones, ipad/tablets, etc.
• Something I've coined as "Tech-Rec" (back off! don't steal my shit) - this would be products that allow better ability to take hardware with them outside and within their recreational habitat.
• Augmented Reality: products, applications, services and support - look at and related apps.

There, go make a million and I want 51%.