Social Media Crisis Management

Take a look at a recent webinar I just did with Starmark. One of the many responsibilities that I have with our agency is that of (hopefully) a thought leader. Additionally we aggressively write what we call "eTIPS" every week and I highly recommend that you subscribe to them. While these tips are directed at digital marketing professionals, I think most business owners will get something from the intelligence. We give a ton a great content away. That being said, enjoy the presentation:

Social Media Crisis Management
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Some of my favorite key takaways from this presentation are:

  • With "free social media listening tools" - using OMGILI to search forums boards for activity on your brand.
  • Watch out for your competitors bad press or "guilt by association" crisis issues that could effect your brand.
  • In "pain threshold" - advocating researching how your problematic users have responded to social media customer service efforts in the past.
  • Creating websites and microsites to harness and control the conversation. This is especially important when you have a large amount of people involved in the crisis, like that of a product recall or act of God or terrorism.
  • Watch out for multicultural definitions of your social media efforts.

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