Fearless Crisis Management Is Knowing How To Fall On A Sword

OK, so maybe not my LAST post for the year ;) So sue me, I won't shutup.

So you open your package that you've so eagerly waited for and notice that it's broken. So upon review of your surveillance equipment you come across this little gem:

This should come as no real surprise I would assume, but with social media being what it is, it became a crisis management nightmare overnight! Most of my readers are practicing professionals, many leaders and some business owners. You know that this would have gone over like a "fart in a spacesuit" had it been your employee or co-worker.

Nevertheless, what should be done? Take it on the chin! That's right, you need to not only call it out, but let everyone know that you're going to make it right. THAT'S CUSTOMER SERVICE shining through when the crisis is hot. Good job FedEx.

See the whole blog post here.

Let this stand as a reminder to all businesses no matter what the size. You will make mistakes and that's ok. Show everyone that you've learned from these issues, then watch your brand garner even more trust from your loyalists. Lemonade from lemons, you feel me.