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Why Jesus Is My Homeboy

As many of your know, I'm a die-hard Denver Broncos fan – like bleed the colors die-hard. So last night in a wild turn of events we got Tim Tebow in the 25th overall pick in first round of the draft. Tim Tebow, arguably one of the greatest college Football players of all time has had it anything but easy. Now I'm not going to blow smoke up your butt and tell you he's been pal from way back, but I've liked his intensity, and he's solidified 'The Swamp' as a place you fear for another ten years. And as am an Alabama College football fan I can tell you that I've never looked forward to playing him.

That being said here's why I'm glad he's a Bronco:

  • He's a clean-cut kid that (at least by every indication) won't go around snorting coke off of a porno star while shooting guns in the locker room.
  • He's passionate. Like it or not the kid's got heart and doesn't act like he's in it to get paid.
  • He's religious. And while I'm not openly religious I don't think this is a negative as long as he doesn't pander someone else's beliefs.
  • He wants to play. I'm tired of watching player after player complain that the stacks of money that they sit on are not high enough, and I have turf toe. Oh, and BTW LeBron YOU ARE A ROLE MODEL! Unfortunately right now you're only modeling you're doing is turning the future kids to look at basketball as a way to "get paid." Leave the 'thug life' to the gangsters – they're better at it than you – ass.
  • Tebow will be good for Denver as a community leader. Sell tickets? That remains to be seen. But Denver will live and die by players that 'believe in Colorado.' Otherwise (Cutler, Marshal, Portis) you can take the next train to Get-the-hell-out-of-dodge-ville'.
  • Josh McDaniels makes great quarterbacks.
  • Tebow may not be a puritanical quarterback but there's no denying that he's extremely versatile and could be a difficult player for opponents to plan for.
  • He's big and he can run. Never hurt.

Go Broncos.

Posted on April 23, 2010 and filed under Soapbox, Sports.