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Giddy as a School Girl – "check"

Firefox 3.5 has a feature now called "Font-Face". Why this is important is that you can (server side) embed any font and reference it allowing the user to see to intended font. For web designers globally, if this doesn't make you do a little dance in a circle you must be using Front Page.

"Using Font-face for font linking is relatively straightforward. Within a stylesheet, each Font-face rule defines a family name to be used, the font resource to be loaded, and the style characteristics of a given face such as whether it’s bold or italic. Firefox 3.5 only downloads the fonts as needed, so a stylesheet can list a whole set of fonts of which only a select few will actually be used." ~

And while Safari, Opera and others have allowed references to Font-Face for quite some time this is the first dominate browser to capatilize on it. This is important, not simply the empowerment to the designer but the recognition that font usage is equally as important as its content.


Posted on July 7, 2009 and filed under Design.