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I Got A Golden Ticket! But Is Google+ All That Glitters?

So no surprise in the social world. The hottest invite to a beta launch this week is Google+. Google has finally stepped into the ring with Facebook to take on the social giant. Is it ready for prime time? Well that remains to be seen on a great many levels, but I'll say it's worth trying for sure. Google's tools are always very good, solid if you will. But the past has shown us a line of projects that never got the attention they deserved such as Google Wave and others. There's a great deal of discussion of whether or not much of that (Google Wave) technology might be repurposed in Google+ — yet another item that remains to be seen.

What Creative Dreams Are Made Of

It's funny when you have the perfect storm of client and creative willing to swim in the deep end. Such is the case with Google. I did an early post on the product of these shoots and how it embraced the power of campaign like Honda's "The Cog" and kinetic art as a whole. But any creative will tell you that involvement in creative such as Google's "The Speed of Chrome" would be heavenly. Enjoy!

The Buzz On "Google Buzz"

While the world is still doing the best to figure out just what actually does, we do know the following:

  • It works with gmail (Google's free email service)
  • It allows you to post your emails and it's contents a recipient, group of recipients or the general public
  • It allows you to tag in content into your messaging fromt the web
  • Pushes YouTube video and flickr respectively as it's delivery medium of choice (IMHO, the best at least today)
  • Comments to posts are then sent to your inbox, much like email replies
  • Social integration with Twitter, Picasa and more
  • Google buzz makes recommendations on content popularity and I'm assuming profiling criteria based on what it finds in your gmail account and posts

Smart phone integration:

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The "Demi-Phone" Has Arrived To Slay Satan

What we 'actually' know:

Operating System : Android 2.1
Device Name: Nexus One
Manufacturer Branding: Google
Hardware Manufacturer: HTC
Carrier Unlock: Yes
Network: GSM
Chipset: Snapdragon Processor
Launch Date: January/February 2010
Display: 3.7-inch display
High-resolution Capacitive multitouch OLED screen
Keyboard: Onscreen keyboard only
Hardware Buttons: HTC scrol ball
Size: Thinner than the iPhone 3GS
Other: 2 mics, one in the front for talking and one at the back to reduce background noise

Engaget has the best review thus far (Key Findings):

  • By all appearances, the company will have a new phone portal where buyers can pick between an unsubsidized, unlocked Nexus One for $529.99, or sign up for a two-year agreement with T-Mobile and purchase the phone for $179.99
  • Google Maps with no pinch-to-zoom
  • 5 megapixel lens and flash took sharp (iPhone 3 megapixel, no flash)

Other items of note based on buzz:

  • Open system
  • Higher Resolution 800 x 480
  • Thinner than iPhone
  • 1Ghz Processor, 512MB RAM (Almost 2x more than the iPhone GS)
  • Video recording 720×480 pixels at 20fps (iPhone is 30fps)
  • Same charger for the Nexus One works with Bluetooth headsets
  • Alphabetic list of all installed apps
  • Does not Sync your Calendar with Exchange
  • Replaceable battery
  • 10k apps vs. "one meelion"

Guy Kawaski says:

"The Nexus One is a serious challenge to the iPhone—particularly because this is version 1 of Nexus One while the iPhone has been out for years. It is the phone that Palm should have created, but that’s another story.

Right now I cannot use a Nexus One as my primary phone because it cannot sync my calendar (something my teenage son doesn’t care about), I use it all the time (without a SIM card, just as a Wi-Fi device) while my iPhone charges around the house. The day that calendar syncing works will be very interesting."

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