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When Old School & New School Collide

The video was created by Patrick Jean from the Paris-based special effect studio One More Production, and is simply nothing short of fantastic. It depicts the destruction of the earth by "pixel" and while we all know the earth will be destroyed by zombies and robots it is fascinating to see someone elses interpretation. Enjoy!

Uploaded by onemoreprod. - Arts and animation videos.

Posted on April 8, 2010 and filed under Anarchy, Film, Gaming.

Wii might need more than one...

As an addendum to my last post I'd like to show off the competition. The Wii-like or Wii-less physical controllers are not only here to stay but are the future of gaming. Here's a snapshot of the future from Sony with "Playstation Eye":

Pros: Awesome 3D augmentation. The creation of hand-held items looks like a true winner. Related technology for advertising see T-immersion's Nissan Cube.

Cons: The controller thus far look obscene and not for prime time.

And of course not to be outdone is the X-Box's "Microsoft has developed a camera-based vision system":

Pros: Facial recognition, custom scanning, upgrade suspected are the ability to protect the home, read minds and put the kids to bed.

Cons: Having been on the first of the invited developers for the Microsoft Surface, I can tell you that Microsoft is famous for beautifully compelling video to technology that's about well over a year out.

In the meantime if you're considering waiting for this technology to 'beat the Wii' I'd tell you not to wait. The Wii is still a phenominal gaming platform, competitively priced, great for family and friends that don't want to bury themselves in the basement for weeks at a time.


Posted on June 8, 2009 and filed under Gaming.