Wii might need more than one...

As an addendum to my last post I'd like to show off the competition. The Wii-like or Wii-less physical controllers are not only here to stay but are the future of gaming. Here's a snapshot of the future from Sony with "Playstation Eye":

Pros: Awesome 3D augmentation. The creation of hand-held items looks like a true winner. Related technology for advertising see T-immersion's Nissan Cube.

Cons: The controller thus far look obscene and not for prime time.

And of course not to be outdone is the X-Box's "Microsoft has developed a camera-based vision system":

Pros: Facial recognition, custom scanning, upgrade suspected are the ability to protect the home, read minds and put the kids to bed.

Cons: Having been on the first of the invited developers for the Microsoft Surface, I can tell you that Microsoft is famous for beautifully compelling video to technology that's about well over a year out.

In the meantime if you're considering waiting for this technology to 'beat the Wii' I'd tell you not to wait. The Wii is still a phenominal gaming platform, competitively priced, great for family and friends that don't want to bury themselves in the basement for weeks at a time.


Posted on June 8, 2009 and filed under Gaming.