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IKEA Kitties Are Simply Purrrrfect

What better way to show the chaos and diversity of everyone's family and the comfort of home within the spirit of the product than this concept: Release a a shit-ton of cats on an unsuspecting IKEA and its products to film the outcome. Here's some 'behind the scenes' for this concept.

And for all that hard work, cat scratches and aimless herding here's the commercial payoff, and what a payoff it is. Simply purrrrfect. N-joy!

What Creative Dreams Are Made Of

It's funny when you have the perfect storm of client and creative willing to swim in the deep end. Such is the case with Google. I did an early post on the product of these shoots and how it embraced the power of campaign like Honda's "The Cog" and kinetic art as a whole. But any creative will tell you that involvement in creative such as Google's "The Speed of Chrome" would be heavenly. Enjoy!