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Content Commoditization is Coming — Prepare Your Brands!

So 15 years ago we decided the Internet was no longer a fad, and we definitely needed a website for our business. Then 10 years ago we decided social media was something we need to pay attention to, and now we realize it is essential in our media mix as well. For the past five years, we have been paying attention to content and active engagement. ... (READ THE REST HERE)

Posted on February 5, 2016 and filed under Advertising, Brand, Business, Tools.

“Guilt-Proofing” Your Brand — Modern protection from Slander, Hoax & Smear Campaigns - Part Two.

Quick background, Jim and I worked together at Luckie and Company in Birmingham, Ala., (ROLL TIDE!) in the late 2000s. Since then, we have established not only a personal friendship, but a growing respect for our mutual industries. Jim's speciality is public relations, you can find additional information at the bottom of this article about him and his practice.

Tapping Into The Psychology of B2B Social Media Engagement

There is a popular misconception that social media is only beneficial in a B2C environment. Nothing could be further from the truth, and I'm going to explain why. Let’s start by examining how most people perceive social media being used in a consumer-related capacity:

Social Media - Generation II: The Social Business Archetype

Something immediately pops into your mind when you hear the term “social media. But your definition might differ from that of your boss, or your neighbor, or Seth Godin. The fact is that social media is far more nuanced than most people realize. This topic is near and dear to my heart, and I’ve been preaching about it for the last year – "social business."