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Make Your Storytelling Content Worth Sharing

Storytelling is the most powerful messaging tool available to us. It doesn’t matter if that story comes from blog articles, video, podcasting, or other channels. Nothing can convey the heart and soul of brand, product or personal essence like a solid story that can be retold (shared) with contemporary social tools.

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Content Marketing — “Storytelling” for Today’s Marketer

As the advertising and marketing world begins to understand and deploy content marketing, so come with it the "best practices." You can also argue that there are no hard and fast rules to ANY marketing technique, there are certainly patterns which derive more success than others. However, the industry often leans on the term "best practice" more like a moral guideline than something that delivers true ROI. the remaining article at:

Social Storytelling: Ways to Create Myth and Lore

There is still a great gap between social storytelling and social media. It’s not nearly as wide as the gulf on Facebook between conservatives and liberals. But it’s a gap nonetheless. The marketer in me says that if I get too far down the storytelling path, the “call to action” for my client may be overlooked within the content. However, social storytellers would say the application of a defined message from an external source could corrupt or misalign the audience’s attention.

Old-School Selling Addiction Meets No-Sell Social

I just completed a great run of presentations over the past couple weeks. Each successive audience offered up a new challenge or dilemma I didn’t anticipate. I actully LOVE this! As a recovering co-dependent hell-bent on saving the world, I had to resist the urge to rewrite the deck after every event and subsequent comment.