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What the Bar Scene Can Teach Us About Social Media

A couple years ago I tried to explain why a client needed to understand that each social channel has its own communication style. All the client wanted to do was shoot out a message that said, "Go back to our website and buy shit!" Because, of course, social media would then become a river of gold.
Posted on February 10, 2012 and filed under LOL, People, Research, Social Media.

Top 10 Reasons I Prefer "Dive Bars"

  1. A dive bar doesn't become a dive bar without being around for sometime. It's a cultural spot for the transient and locals. It has character and serves characters.
  2. A dive bar doesn't care what I wear, what brands I'm loyal to or what music I like. It's agnostic.
  3. You never leave a dive bar without a story (or two) of who you met, what you talked about or some interesting thing that happened during your stay. It's a haven for storytelling.
  4. Dive bar have juke-boxes. Really good juke-boxes. Filled with songs to get drunk to and say "OMG, I remember this song!"
  5. They pour stiff, cheap drinks. No further clarification need be said.
  6. A dive bar doesn't care that you haven't been there for a week or a year.
  7. A dive bar doesn't require fancy interiors to be cool. It's lack of caring to it's interior makes it cooler than most.
  8. Like all great things no dive bar is ever the same. They have a pulse and a vibe all their own.
  9. Dive bar patrons are like bees. You leave them alone, they (typically) leave you alone.
  10. Dive bars will gladly toss your on the street if you're being an ass.

Posted on June 15, 2010 and filed under LOL, Soapbox, Storytelling.