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How To Lie, Cheat & Steal Your Way To A Bigger Social Graph

No one in my industry is going to like what I’m about to share. I'm not a fan of “buying followers” or trading follows in social media. But if you want quantity and you don’t give a damn about quality, then consider this your guide. In the interest of transparency, I’ll tell you straight up that social media (SEO, content, online media buyers) professionals want you to believe there's no way to you could possibly do what we do. But that's a lie. It might be more accurate to say there's no way you could possibly do what we do as WELL as we do it.

2010 Archive: "Change" & Rebooting Your Life

I guess I should not be surprised that [real] life-changing things are happening to people I consider to be real extended family. Just like your parents telling you "wow, we have friends passing away" you don't hold hands with mortality in the same ways that they do from generation-to-generation. While I'm sure I will just not at this point yet. But many things have transpired, and are transpiring in my life that are reminding me how fragile life really is and how much my loved ones and friends mean. In fair-weather times we naturally take these moments for granted, but in times like these I'm beginning to see one door close and another open. It's not good or bad (dependent upon situation) it's simply being confronted with unknowing, and often times uncontrollable change. I see more and more that humanities real survival is not just adpating and evolving but the acceptance of this change. No, this post doesn't end with some witty takeaway just know that beyond this holiday season take the gift that is change and do your best to accept it and apply it. Learn from your past as it's trully all you have as reference at any given moment and work to make your life better for yourself, your family and those around you. One final thought, log off and log back into your childs eyes. Hold them, be happy with them and cherish your significant others.

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Me And The Future Of My Daughter's Dating Process

Few things truly terrify me anymore. I was loner in my youth with a small circle of tight-knit friends, but was plagued by bullies and self-imposed stress. And because of said past I will never be bullied again, not in life, not in work. If you know me you'll also know a few things to be true and if you don't here goes:

  • I'm paranoid about everything, often to a fault
  • I'm overly sensitive and passionate about the care, well being and success of family and friends
  • And "my girls" - Shannon (my wife) and Sydney (my daughter) are at the center of my world
  • I'm a work-a-holic with an energetic sense of whimsy to mentor and learn from those around me
  • I'm hyper-critical of my own design process but am rarely 'married' to anything I do; a bit if a love/hate thing I guess
  • When it comes to technology I constantly feel like I'm falling behind (the reality is I'm usually 6-12 months ahead)
  • I'm scared of blank screens before I start designs
  • And there's nothing I like more than to make people laugh

With all that narcissism out of the way let me take you to a period of my life that truly terrifies me: My daughter (who is three at the time of this post) dating. Currently, the only thing that makes the idea only mildly pallettable is this video clip from the movie Bad Boys II. N-Joy.

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Top 10 Reasons I Prefer "Dive Bars"

  1. A dive bar doesn't become a dive bar without being around for sometime. It's a cultural spot for the transient and locals. It has character and serves characters.
  2. A dive bar doesn't care what I wear, what brands I'm loyal to or what music I like. It's agnostic.
  3. You never leave a dive bar without a story (or two) of who you met, what you talked about or some interesting thing that happened during your stay. It's a haven for storytelling.
  4. Dive bar have juke-boxes. Really good juke-boxes. Filled with songs to get drunk to and say "OMG, I remember this song!"
  5. They pour stiff, cheap drinks. No further clarification need be said.
  6. A dive bar doesn't care that you haven't been there for a week or a year.
  7. A dive bar doesn't require fancy interiors to be cool. It's lack of caring to it's interior makes it cooler than most.
  8. Like all great things no dive bar is ever the same. They have a pulse and a vibe all their own.
  9. Dive bar patrons are like bees. You leave them alone, they (typically) leave you alone.
  10. Dive bars will gladly toss your on the street if you're being an ass.

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