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The Apple iPhone 4 Checks One Promise Off My List

There's a spot in my heart for a bizarre little list. The list of things I was promised from films and technologist that I've not got EVER! Today, I got video conferencing in my hand. I don't know why this was a biggie for me but it was. It's not on my wrist, but I'm not being stingy considering that it does more than I was promised.

Apple introduces "FaceTime." T is a cell-phone application that allows you to video conference using your iPhone. The iPhone 4 is to be without a doubt the finest phone on the market by the end of June.

We all knew it was coming based on the blunders (or intentional leaks from Gizmodo) by Apple's crack secret squad leaving the prototype out for all to see. Admittedly, I think every geek was kinda' wondering if that's what we were really going to see today – but it was, and more.

It's sexy. Like it wouldn't be? Not only am I a gadget freak, as a professional photographer I'm very excited to see the quality and intensity of the new 5 megapixel camera as well. It's got another 10 to 15 years before it replaces my Digital SLR equipment but it's going to awesome watching it try. I applaud the dual camera (front & back) ability to swap while in FaceTime mode as I think this will be a pretty intensive jump for the Professional world as well. Think of being on location with your client and give them the seamless experience of what you're seeing.

Couple of items to question based on what I can see:

  • Will designing for the display prove to be any different?
  • What applicationally do you think will come of the FaceTime operations with Augmented Reality apps?
  • What effect of the larger battery will be eaten by the newer processing chip?
  • What level of multi-tasking abuse is this phone prepared for and can it be adjusted within preferences?

Last of course here is my list of lies that I've NOT gotten yet:

  • Jet Pack(s)
  • Shiny Fashion
  • Mind Control Helmets
  • Stun & Death Rays
  • Flying Cars
  • Food Pellets
  • & The Orgasmatron

Posted on June 7, 2010 and filed under Design, Mobile, Technology.