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Advertising, Art & Culture In Orlando?

Having recent read that famed advertising, marketing and cultural blog The Denver Egotist was seeking to franchise its reach to new cities I started to think 'where are we in Orlando?' I began to make a list, a couple of calls and before I knew it I felt pretty good about our backyard. Having been here for going on sixteen years (minus a few diversions) you get to know the local community we enough to forget how lucky you are to HAVE them.

A few caveats for those in the know:

  • I'm happy to add you given that I inadvertently forgot you. hit me @ justice at
  • It's still my blog so if I don't think you apply you can hate me when I don't add you.
  • This list is intended for the advertorial/marketing, design/illustrative, and web community not necessarily the "Fine Art" Community. Taking nothing from them, in fact that list would be uncontrollably longer given that I started there.
  • Lastly, if you smoke cloves in front of Stardust Coffee and debate foreign films in third person, than I hate you, and you don't get on the list regardless.
  • OH! And if you owe me money... you know who you are.

Agencies & Associations:

Interactive Agencies:

Design Shops:

Experimental Agency:

Artist & Designers:

Urban Retail Design:

Boutique Galleries:



Museums & Related: (to note:

Cultural Publications & Bloggers:

Film Festivals & Events:

Schools: (money making whores that they may be, they do pump out a lot of talent)