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IKEA Kicks Down The Doors Of Mediocrity

While the idea is not revolutionary I do think it's a bit groundbreaking – The ability to customize your furniture design quality. IKEA is no doubt on the forefront of harnessing design talent. They or known for gathering up the best of the best industrial designers and interior designers, beating all the good ideas out of them and releasing them out to the world where they undoubtedly be jaded and bitter.

That being said the idea around This Is My KEA is pushing the boundaries on personalization. The website gives you the ability to pick from dozens of top designers work and then have that work put on a preselected number of furniture pieces. What's more industrious of them is their willingness to extend the offering to all designers. Much like threadless does for their social design aggregate. Will they do as threadless has done and allow voting of top designs or for an upcharge allow one offs? That remains to be seen. I'm sure if the monetary model makes sense they'll do just about anything. Clever little Dutch pixies.

Posted on October 27, 2010 and filed under Brand, Business, Design, Strategy.

Rethinking: Allowing A Lot With A Little

I've been meaning to post this amazing clip of Chinese architect Gary Chang create 24 unique rooms and personal environments with nothing more than 330 square feet! This incredibly eco-friendly space combines a unique sliding room panels and minimalist interior design. Chang also bathes the room in a golden yellow light from his windows given it an upbeat cozy feel year around. It's thinking like this that's not only environmentally smart but (more than likely) the future of densely populated areas.